Entomopathogenic Nematology (Cabi Publishing) by Randy Gaugler (Editor)

By Randy Gaugler (Editor)

Nematodes which are parasites of bugs are not any longer a laboratory interest. they've got all started to be permitted as environmentally benign possible choices to using chemical pesticides, for the keep watch over of insect pests. Nematode worms are actually utilized as organic regulate brokers opposed to insect pests of various horticultural and agricultural crops.This e-book presents a complete evaluate of entomopathogenic nematology. It starts off by means of reviewing primary biology and surroundings a taxonomic origin for nematodes and their bacterial symbionts. a number of chapters are dedicated to sensible methods enthusiastic about parasitism and to nematode ecology. Later chapters describe technological advances and keep an eye on methodologies.

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Sp. (Steinernematidae: Nematoda) inducing nematode disease in chafers of the Voronezh region. Trudy Voronezhskogo Gosudarstvennogo Zapovednika 15, 94–100. P. E. (1997) Redescription of Steinernema arenarium (Artyukhovsky, 1967) topotype from Central Russia and a proposal for S. anomalae (Kozodoi, 1984) as a junior synonym. Russian Journal of Nematology 5, 31–37. T. K. (1998) A molecular evolutionary framework for the phylum Nematoda. Nature 392, 71–75. , Liu, J. E. (1999) Life cycle variation and the genetic structure of nematode populations.

Spicule and gubernaculum as in the micrographs: Specific characters: Spicule head wider than long. Gubernaculum with short anterior part. S. 85). MUC = A. , 1997): Specific character: Mucron in male absent. S. 6; MUC = P. Spicule and gubernaculum as in the micrographs: Specific characters: Short nematode with long spicule, shaft prominent. SW greater than that of other short nematodes. 2. J. B. Nguyen Continued. Morphometric characters (range) Species S. 73). MUC = P. Spicule and gubernaculum as in the micrographs.

The functional significance of these structures is unclear. 5 µm. 3. Xenorhabdus bovienii This species grows until 32°C; some strains will grow at 5°C. , 1995). It is associated with several species of steinernematid nematodes (S. feltiae, S. intermedium, S. kraussei, S. , 1998). 4. Xenorhabdus japonica Strains of the species grow until 35°C. Pigmentation is yellowish brown. It is only associated with S. kushidai in Japan. Properties of this species are similar to X. nematophila, and X. japonica may be a subspecies of X.

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