Doctor Who and the Time Warrior (Doctor Who Library, No 65) by Terrance Dicks

By Terrance Dicks

His spaceship crippled in an interstellar conflict, the Sontaran warrior Linx is pressured to crash-land on the earth. He arrives within the center a while, a time too primitive to supply the know-how he must fix his send. Allaying himself with the neighborhood robber leader, Linx makes use of his powers to "borrow" scientists and gear from twentieth-century Earth. The surgeon tracks down the lacking scientists and trips into the prior to save lots of them. yet can he defeat the ruthless Linx and his savage human allies ahead of the process human historical past is modified endlessly? health professional Who and the Time Warrior is predicated on a 1973 television serial starring John Pertwee.

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Linx put the tube back in his belt. It was all becoming clear. Someone had pursued him back from the twentieth century. But how? He became aware of Irongron's insistent voice. 'Have you done, Linx? ' Linx swung round in anger, controlling himself with an effort. He still needed the help of this primitive so he must provide the toys to keep his friendship. He took a metal box from his belt-pouch.

Sarah took the hint and went back to her cubicle. Almost immediately Rubeish popped out of his and came over to the Doctor. Psst, Doctor! ' Rubeish nodded towards Sarah. 'About her' 'We can decide what to do about Miss Smith in the morning—if we're all still here. ' Rubeish went back into his cubicle. He sat on the end of the bed, a worried frown on his face. Sarah sat down in her armchair, pulling a blanket over her, determined to stay awake. Only the Doctor seemed calm and relaxed. Sprawled out in his armchair, he was dozing contentedly.

Someone's using an osmic transporter beam. But the really odd thing is, there's a time-transference factor too. ' The Doctor picked up the lamp and the black box. 'Well, I can't stay here chatting, old chap. ' 'Doctor, I forbid you to go off in that contraption. There's no telling where you'll fetch up. ' The Doctor was stung. ' 'Eventually indeed! ' The Doctor drew a deep breath. ' The argument began to grow heated. Sarah had been listening with increasing fascination. She didn't understand what the two men were arguing about—but she was growing more and more certain that she was on to the biggest story of her life.

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