Design and Test of Integrated Inductors for RF Applications by Jaime Aguilera

By Jaime Aguilera

Meant for engineers who're beginning out within the layout of built-in inductors, this ebook describes the full layout stream, easy choice of the geometry and optimisation of the standard via remodeling the geometry, dimension and de-embedding and characterisation.

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A strong effort has been done in order to explain and model the phase noise performance of LC-tuned oscillators [Cran98, Cran95, Lee00]. 9 mathematically expresses the phase noise performance of the basic LC-tuned oscillator of Figure 1-9 operating in the linear region [Cran95], where is associated with the series resistance of the capacitor, with the series resistance of the inductor and with the output resistance of the transconductor and the parallel resistances across C and L. 10, we can deduce two efficient ways to improve the phase noise performance of the oscillator.

Electric field passing through the oxide and the substrate It is generated as a result of the existing voltage difference between the spiral and the substrate. It produces: Capacitative coupling between spiral and substrate, Ohmic losses in the conductor substrate due to displacement currents induced through the capacitative coupling between the spiral and the substrate. Next, each one of these effects is studied more in detail. 1 Inductance The inductance of an inductor has two components, self and mutual inductance.

The way the tracks are placed is such that it maximizes the coupling between tracks, giving as a result an increase of the total inductance. 2 Non-conventional fabrication processes The previous section has presented a review of the different geometries currently used for the integration of an inductor with standard fabrication technology. Depending on the requirements of the designer, there exist a variety of solutions, for example for the case of a balanced circuit, or when only a small area is available for the integration of the inductor, etc.

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