Audio Signal Processing and Coding by Andreas Spanias

By Andreas Spanias

An in-depth remedy of algorithms and criteria for perceptual coding of high-fidelity audio, this self-contained reference surveys and addresses all features of the sphere. insurance contains sign processing and perceptual (psychoacoustic) basics, information on proper study and sign types, info on standardization and purposes, and information on functionality measures and perceptual size structures. It incorporates a entire bibliography with over six hundred references, machine routines, and MATLAB-based tasks to be used in EE multimedia, desktop technological know-how, and DSP courses.  An ftp web site containing supplementary fabric akin to wave documents, MATLAB courses and workspaces for the scholars to unravel many of the numerical difficulties and machine routines within the ebook are available at

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25. For example, if we want a noninteger sampling period modification such that Tnew = 12T /5. In this case, we choose L = 12 and M = 5. Hence, the bandwidth of the low-pass filter is the minimum of π/12 and π/5. 4 Quadrature Mirror Filter Banks The analysis of the signal in a perceptual audio coding system is usually accomplished using either filter banks or frequency-domain transformations or a combination of both. The filter bank is used to decompose the signal into several frequency subbands. Different coding strategies are then derived and implemented in each subband.

Sampling rate changes have been popular in DSP and audio applications. Depending on the application, changes in the sampling rate may reduce algorithmic and hardware complexity or increase resolution in certain signal processing operations by introducing additional signal samples. Perhaps the most popular application of MSP is over-sampling analog-to-digital (A/D) and digital-to-analog (D/A) conversions. In over-sampling A/D, the signal is over-sampled thereby relaxing the anti-aliasing filter design requirements, and, hence, the hardware complexity.

2p 0 2p …. …. 23. (a) The original and the up-sampled signal in the time-domain; and (b) the corresponding DTFTs. 24. Up-sampling by an integer M. 25. Sampling rate changes by a noninteger factor. 23). To complete the up-sampling process, an interpolation stage is required that fills appropriate values in the timedomain to replace the artificial zero-valued samples introduced by the sampling. 3 M, 0, 0 | | π/M . 47) Sampling Rate Changes by Noninteger Factors Sampling rate by noninteger factors can be accomplished by cascading upsampling and down-sampling operations.

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