An end to global warming by Laurence O Williams

By Laurence O Williams

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Thus, disadvantages of intermittent operation and unreliability of the wind as an energy source is not a large penalty. They have also demonstrated that large windmills produce a powerful very low frequency sound that is extremely irritating. This sound seems to carry long distances. Sir Bernard Ingham, former press secretary to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, said "We have only to see the appalling damage that wind farms are doing to our hills and landscapes to realize these (Sources) are not benign" This quote comes from the Oxford Millennium Environmental Debate June 2001 mentioned in Chapter 1.

5428, July 30,1999. gov/csp McVeigh, J. C, "Sun Power", Pergamon Press London, New York, 1977 36 An End To Global Warming Wholesale transfer of solar energy from one place to another may cause a level of environmental damage similar to that caused by the combustion of fossil fuels. In addition to the potential for environmental harm from large-scale collection of solar energy, grave doubts exist concerning our ability to collect the energy. Solar energy researchers have been working hard since the oil price crisis of the mid-seventies.

Their use by the agricultural industry are based on chemicals derived from hydrocarbons. are examples of pesticides produced from hydrocarbon chemicals in the past. their use, they made enormous increases in the yield of crops by reducing insect was discontinued because of their damage to other parts of the environment. 26 An End To Global Warming Today, more modem and less harmful pesticides, such as Malathion and Cyfluthrin, are produced from similar hydrocarbon chemicals. These pesticides reduce insect damage to crops and thus contribute to both the quantity and quality of food and reduce its cost.

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